Thursday, March 22, 2007

Mud Season is Here!

It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

The temperature reached 56 degrees today, which is near tropical in my book. I honestly did not know what to wear outside, so I settled on snow pants, boots, and a long sleeve t-shirt. Despite the heat, the agents wore snowsuits to stay dry, or at least that was the theory -- by the time we came in, they were both soaked anyway -- with a foot of snow on the ground as of this morning, our back yard is slowly becoming a pond, and even the best vinyl can't keep that out.

When we got outside, there was one small patch of ground visible on the south-facing slope. By the time we came in, though, there were two long strips of mud uncovered. Of course that was the result of children sliding down the hill on their backs......

We stayed outside for nearly two hours. It actually felt like summer for a while there.

In case any of you think that all is fun and games at the warillever house, I will tell you that the fun ended suddenly when one Agent's snowsuit got wet from the inside, if you catch my drift.

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