Saturday, December 30, 2006

A Resolution - Part I

It seems like ages ago that I promised to post. In the interim, we have decorated our house, made tons of ornaments, gone shopping, ridden on the mall carousel, wrapped presents, met Santa Claus, sung "Happy Birthday" over and over, and skied in our backyard. Well that skiing thing was a one-time occurence(today), but I hope that we can do it again :)

My promise to post was made in good faith, but somehow free time in front of the computer has never quite materialized. I won't claim that I haven't had the time, but more that I haven't set aside the time to do it.

So here is my resolution:

3 posts per week. 1 of the "link" variety, 1 of the "think" variety, and 1 of the pic variety.

Let's call this the "thinking" post. Stay tuned for a link and a pic.

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