Sunday, May 01, 2005

I have not abandonded you

...but I have had little time for blogging over the past week. It looks like this week will be just as busy.

Despite my most valiant efforts, the image search essay is still not done, and we have yet to start formal planning for the presentation on Friday. Ialso still have to revise, reformat, and polish an essay on Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, as well as get permission to use images in it, if I can figure out where those images actually came from.

I am down to 4.5 days of work, and am expected to accomplish as much as I normally do in a month.

Additionally, it is still not clear whether or not our house will actually be sold when we need it to be. This means lots of frantic phone calls with real estate agents, mortgage people, insurance people, utilities, and others. And we need to buy a washing machine in the next 15 days. Oh. And packing. And lots of silly ceremonies. And a ton of visiting family.

This is not a stressed post; in fact I think that we are handling quite well. The post is just to explain why you haven't seen me around the blogosphere very much.

And I have a plan.
  • hand wash "necessaries"
  • cook for the week (no shopping required)
    • two nights pork-n-rice
    • two nights salmon casserole
    • one night leftover Chinese food (cook more rice)
  • proof-read image retrieval essay & submit
  • clean house for appraisal
    • clean bathrooms
    • swiffer all wood floors
    • dust
    • tidy study
    • mop tile floors
  • go to work
  • reformat citations in FASD article
  • write my section of lesson plan
  • go to work
  • revise FASD article
  • update dated sections of FASD article
  • make up props for lesson plan
  • go to work early for farewell lunch
Last day of work!!!!!
  • rehearse lesson plan (depending on partner's sechedule)
  • revise lesson plan as needed
  • go to work
  • further revisions to lesson plan
Last day of school!!!!!
I apologize for the excruciatingly boring post, but I figure that if I tell y'all about it, then I'll have to do it as stated. Procrastination would then be failing y'all. If you see me online, question my progress, because I need to get all of this done in the non-work hours of the next 6 days.

Then I can enjoy my one remaining week in the 'Bend.

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