Friday, July 24, 2009

7 Splendid Children

To think it was only a few short months ago that I worried about how much time I was spending on the finding a single spare moment to read the newspaper online is a rare occurrence.

The past two months have been a tizzy of activity. With the Agents, three foster children, and the Cousins, our house is never (not even at 3am) quiet.

I love it though.

Love them.

So today's "7 Quick Takes" will be quick updates about the children in my life.

  1. Agent 002: My bunny forever and always. Need I say more?
  2. Agent 004: She is growing so quickly. She will start kindergarten in the fall, and is so excited. She has risen to the challenge of being a big sister. She gently guides Foster Toddler and Foster Baby.
  3. Cousin F: Fiercely protective of her little brother, Cousin F has had a hard time accepting the Foster Agents. Now that everyone is settling in, she and Foster Preschooler (who is only one month younger than her) have become great friends. They are playing Candyland together as I type.
  4. Foster Preschooler: The big brother misses his parents so much, but really does love living here. He has made great friends -- he and Agent 002 have so much in common, and he and Cousin F have complementary personalities. His mere glance can make his sisters smile. We are trying to get him into preschool for the fall so that the transition home (if and when it happens) will be a little more smooth.
  5. Cousin P: Once the youngest, Cousin P has probably had the hardest transition to life with the Foster Agents. He and Foster Toddler are so close in age, size, appearance and personality that everyone asks if they are twins. P alone had me on my toes all the time; teamed up with Foster Toddler there is a constant destruction zone going in my house. Double the fun, right?
  6. Foster Toddler: This little girl has come so far. The first few weeks with her was some of the toughest parenting I have ever done (matched only by the first few weeks with Agent 002). She is our Jekyl and Hyde, giggling one moment, seething the next. She is enamored with mr warillever, and beams when he walks in the door.
  7. Foster Baby: My sweetheart grows every day. She has gone from a lovable lump of baby to a crawling machine. She now has two teeth, and can make it from room to room in seconds flat. If only for the 3:25am wake-up call she gives me every morning, I just might call her the perfect baby.
Don't expect to hear too much from me over the next few weeks, but once school starts I will try to update on a regular (weekly?) basis.

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jojoebi-designs said...

I was wondering where you disappeared too - now I know, so many little people in the house, Oh My! Good luck ;o)